Throne of Glass it was amazing..

Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas

Celaena Sardothien is an assassin. Even though she is 18 years old she is one of the most feared assassins in the kingdom. When she was caught, she was sent to the salt mines in Endovier but after a year Prince Dorian makes an offer that she cannot refuse, she will gain her freedom but she must be his champion in a competition to find the new royal assassin. Her opponents are assassins, thieves, and warriors from across the whole empire that are sponsored each by a member of the King’s council. If she beats her opponent she will have to serve the kingdom for three years and then she will be granted her freedom. Celaena trains with the captain of the guards Westfall. Also the prince starts showing interest in her.Then one of the contestants turned up dead and then quickly followed by another. She has to figure out who is the killer before she is the victim.


I loved this book. It is amazing and suspenseful. It has a lot of details and i love how celaena is not weak at all and can fight and does not need to be rescued like a damsel in distress. It also has some romance but i thought it was very funny. I would totally recommend this book if you like suspense and action.