Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls)

Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter

Shadow Falls was one book that left me saying Wow. I think it was mostly because the supernatural genre was present that i thought that it was going to be bad. Boy was i wrong it was amazing, I absolutely loved it. The book is about Kylie a girl who goes to a party with the wrong people and ends up shipped to a camp called Shadow Falls that is supposedly a camp for troubled teens, but after a few hours of arriving she discovers that in shadow falls there are vampire, werewolves, witches, shapeshifters, and fairies. The camp’s purpose is to train the supernatural teenagers to harness their powers, control their magic, and to be able to live in the normal world. They assure Kylie that she is one of them and that she got there for a reason. There is also two guys struggling for Kylie’s heart, Derek that is half-fey and wants to be her boyfriend and Lucas a guy that Kylie has met in the past. There is also her two best friends at camp Della a vampire, and Miranda a witch. As the book goes along Kylie begins to think this is where she belongs.


I laughed a lot in this book and it was mostly because of Kylie's reactions to things. I enjoyed this series as it went along. I will post the review on the other books later…..   Booknerds are Awesome..